YouthTouch Technology Integration Matching Grant

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Application Documents:

Official Application (Full) Word format or PDF format
Official Guidelines (Full) Word Format or PDF Format
  1. Applicant Data
  2. Grant Narrative Questionaire
  3. Certification and Approval

Submission Methods

Apply by mail, fax, or online. Please download and edit the required documents.   Return to Goldenrod Research for official consideration.   Applications are accepted at any time.   Seasonal round deadlines are September 30th, February 28th, & May 30th annually.  

Goldenrod Research Corp.
204 W. St. Joseph St.
Spalding, NE 68665
Our electronic submission form allows you to enter your Applicant Data & upload a completed Grant Narrative Questionaire.

An original signed and dated Certification & Approval is requested for your file.   Please return this by mail on school letterhead at your convenience.   It needn’t arrive at the same time as your application, but is required before an official award can be made.

If you did not receive a literature packet with grant application, and would like to have it sent to you, please send an email to   Please include your name, title, school name, and school address when writing.


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