Professional Development in Colma, CA

Faculty Participate in Professional Development with RoboArm.

Last week, Goldenrod traveled to Holy Angels Elementary School for a very rewarding professional development session. In the session, the focus was how teachers can integrate YouthTouch activities into their taught curriculum. During every activity we referenced the standards addressed by it.

There were a large group of teachers present at Holy Angels, and so the faculty divided into three teams for angle estimation and programming activities.  Each group achieved good results in both activities, although each approached the same problems from different perspectives and relied on different skills. Maybe there really is more than one way to solve a problem? After the estimating activities, we explored the strengths of each team’s approach and it emerged that there are some methods for problem solving more easily and effectively than others!

Holy Angels, located in Colma, CA, right outside San Francisco, was awarded one of Goldenrod’s prized matching grants in June of 2017.

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