Professional Development in Leesburg, Florida

St. Paul Faculty practices using RoboArm.

Yesterday Goldenrod delivered a professional development session for  the faculty of  St. Paul Catholic School in Leesburg, Florida. The session brought together St. Paul’s teachers from the STEM, Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, and even the Physical Education departments.  They worked together all day with Goldenrod’s trainers to learn specifics of the YouthTouch Technology Integration System and how to integrate YouthTouch activities into the existing curriculum seamlessly.  Social Studies teachers plan to use YouthTouch when teaching latitudes and longitudes, the Industrial Revolution, and social problem solving.  Many examples were demonstrated of how to introduce more numeracy into social studies for better social studies learning while supporting math performance.  St Paul’s Physical Education department plans to address 21st century skills with YouthTouch such as using Tempest for teambuilding exercises as well as enhancing spatial abilities and fine muscle coordination. St Paul’s is proving that with YouthTouch  STEM truly connects all disciplines.

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