Interview an Astronaut on the ISS

“Your students can interview an astronaut in space! It’s possible through Amateur Radio on the International Space Station, or ARISS, and they don’t have to be amateur radio enthusiasts to be eligible. Schools, scouting groups, after-school programs, museums or any other education organization can apply. Develop an education plan, write a proposal and send it by Nov. 15, 2017, to be considered to host an ARISS contact during the July – December 2018 timeframe.

Connect with this opportunity and others during NASA’s A Year of Education on Station, a celebration of an almost 12-month presence of a teacher on board the International Space Station.”

Click Here to check out this amazing opportunity for your students to interview an astronaut on board the International Space Station!

“Trump Wants Education Dept. to Direct $200 Million to STEM, Computer Science”

“President Donald Trump is calling on the U.S. Department of Education to put a new focus on STEM education, especially computer science education—even as his budget seeks to scrap federal grants that schools can use for those programs.

…The White House wants U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and her team to steer more competitive-grant money from programs like the Education Innovation and Research fund toward recipients that have a STEM focus. And the administration wants DeVos to set a goal of directing at $200 million a year in grant funds to STEM and computer science.”

Check out the full article here: Education Week


Fall 2017 Matching Grant Announcement

Goldenrod’s STEM Matching Grant, which is awarded to multiple schools three times per year, has been an integral part of our mission and commitment to STEM education. It covers one half of the cost of Goldenrod’s YouthTouch Technology Integration System.

The Fall 2017 Matching Grant program is now underway and Goldenrod is accepting applications until October 31st. Register here  to connect with Goldenrod and get more information about this exciting opportunity.

Professional Development in Colma, CA

Faculty Participate in Professional Development with RoboArm.

Last week, Goldenrod traveled to Holy Angels Elementary School for a very rewarding professional development session. In the session, the focus was how teachers can integrate YouthTouch activities into their taught curriculum. During every activity we referenced the standards addressed by it.

There were a large group of teachers present at Holy Angels, and so the faculty divided into three teams for angle estimation and programming activities.  Each group achieved good results in both activities, although each approached the same problems from different perspectives and relied on different skills. Maybe there really is more than one way to solve a problem? After the estimating activities, we explored the strengths of each team’s approach and it emerged that there are some methods for problem solving more easily and effectively than others!

Holy Angels, located in Colma, CA, right outside San Francisco, was awarded one of Goldenrod’s prized matching grants in June of 2017.

Professional Development in Leesburg, Florida

St. Paul Faculty practices using RoboArm.

Yesterday Goldenrod delivered a professional development session for  the faculty of  St. Paul Catholic School in Leesburg, Florida. The session brought together St. Paul’s teachers from the STEM, Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, and even the Physical Education departments.  They worked together all day with Goldenrod’s trainers to learn specifics of the YouthTouch Technology Integration System and how to integrate YouthTouch activities into the existing curriculum seamlessly.  Social Studies teachers plan to use YouthTouch when teaching latitudes and longitudes, the Industrial Revolution, and social problem solving.  Many examples were demonstrated of how to introduce more numeracy into social studies for better social studies learning while supporting math performance.  St Paul’s Physical Education department plans to address 21st century skills with YouthTouch such as using Tempest for teambuilding exercises as well as enhancing spatial abilities and fine muscle coordination. St Paul’s is proving that with YouthTouch  STEM truly connects all disciplines.