Goldenrod’s YouthTouch Grant Competion:
Goldenrod Research Corporation has changed the timing of its annual matching grant program. There are now three rounds of competition each year: spring, fall and winter. We hope this arrangement is a better fit for teachers, students and administrators. Deadlines are :

Round I (Spring)……………..May 15th
Round II (Fall)………………September 30th
Round III (Winter)……………December 15th

Goldenrod accepts applications year round from schools who wish to become pilot/referral sites for YouthTouch. When awarded, the grants provide 50% of the cost of a comprehensive YouthTouch package. The schools are responsible for matching the other half. For more information call 888-827-2260 or send an e-mail to

If you are a current grant applicant follow this link for additional information, 2010-2011 Grant Applicants.

Grant Writing Services:
Goldenrod Research provides grant-writing services to qualified schools/districts at no charge. Contact Goldenrod (888-827-2260) for further information.

Funding Sources on the Web:
These web sites may help you in finding additional grants for your school.

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