About Goldenrod

Goldenrod Research Corporation was founded in 1985 on these guiding principles:

Students manipulating RoboACs with joysticks.

RoboACs in the Classroom

  • The instructional needs of students – not the latest technology – should drive the school curriculum.
  • Students can more readily develop needed skills when the tools appeal to diverse learning styles.
  • Technology engages students because it is visual and tactile.
  • Technology enables more students to achieve academic success and to acquire greater mastery of needed life-skills.
  • Technology can help interrelate the various academic concepts it employs, thereby reinforcing to students the utility of their schoolwork.
  • When knowledge is made comprehensible, meaningful, and useful, students will be more active and successful learners.

These beliefs are the driving force behind all of Goldenrod’s products.

Goldenrod’s commitment to education is evidenced through their matching grant program. The firm provides funding for at least 12 grants annually to worthy elementary environments to assist in the purchase of a complete technology integration package. Pilot schools nationwide have integrated technology into the classroom and enhanced the learning atmosphere.

Lea Melchior, President
Clarence Glaser, Director of Research and Development

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