About Goldenrod

Founded in 1985 and entering the education marketplace in 1990, Goldenrod is dedicated to educating students in mathematical reasoning, numeracy, and critical thinking, earlier in their school careers. Our goal is to give students a solid foundation allowing them to pursue advanced studies in STEM. Some of the highest paying careers in the fastest growing fields are jobs in STEM.

Goldenrod believes technology learning tools engage students best when they are visual, aural, and tactile. All students better assimilate concepts through experience, and more students realize academic success.

Students manipulating RoboACs with joysticks.
YouthTouch in the Classroom.

The Company introduced YouthTouch in 1997 to provide elementary and middle schools with a high tech/high touch STEM option. Some programs provide a one size fits all approach, ignoring the individual needs of schools, classrooms, and children. Goldenrod believes every, school, classroom, and child is unique. YouthTouch can be tailored to meet school and classroom objectives while offering differentiated instruction to fulfill children’s needs as individuals. YouthTouch blends seamlessly into existing curriculum. It provides different and more effective approaches to fundamental learning. It addresses core content directly as opposed to being a supplemental activity.

Goldenrod’s ongoing commitment to education is evidenced through its long running matching grant program.  The company funds 20 grants annually, enabling worthy elementary/middle schools to acquire a complete YouthTouch technology integration system affordably.

Goldenrod is committed to manufacturing its products in the United States. Items leaving the plant in Spalding, Nebraska are proudly stamped Made in the USA.


Lea Melchior, President
Clarence Glaser, Director of Research and Development

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