YouthTouch is a comprehensive STEM learning system for grades 3-8, which links disciplines through an emphasis on applied math. It incorporates six (6) types of robotic and fluid power trainers. Hardware is accompanied by accessories, software, instructional materials, support, and staff development.

YouthTouch presents abstract concepts in the concrete way children learn. It facilitates deeper comprehension of core concepts, because it engages students physically, intellectually, and emotionally. YouthTouch provides a more effective approach to fundamental learning than traditional methods, and yet it blends seamlessly into existing curriculum.

Some programs provide a one size fits all approach, ignoring the individual needs of schools, classrooms, and children. Goldenrod believes every, school, classroom, and child is unique. YouthTouch can be tailored to meet school and classroom objectives, while offering differentiated instruction to fulfill children’s needs as individuals. It also addresses core content directly, as opposed to being a supplemental activity.

YouthTouch comprehensive package includes:

  • 4 RoboAcs
  • 4 RoboArms 2 RoboVues
  • 2 HydrauLifts
  • 1 HydrauLift2
  • 1 Tempest
  • Software
  • Full Warranty Protection
  • Curriculum Integration Materials
  • 1 Full Year of upgrades
  • Site License
  • 1 day of onsite staff development
    • or 2 days of staff development at our location
YouthTouch Technology Integration Package

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