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Students manipulating a robotic arm in the classroom
Goldenrod brings educational technology to life in 3 dimensions.

Goldenrod is proud to expand the role of higher technology in classrooms beyond computers and the internet, beyond the use of educational technology for computer literacy and graphic displays of academic content. Goldenrod’s multisensory tools develop 21st century process skills in more young learners, the foundations for future STEM education:

  • number sense
  • critical thinking
  • creative problem solving
  • teamwork

The company’s flagship offering is YouthTouch, a complete system of hands-on technology integration, for learners in Grades 3-8. YouthTouch includes hardware, software, instructional activities and staff development.

  • YouthTouch uses robotics and fluid power trainers with child intuitive interfaces.
  • YouthTouch activities support common core standards.
  • YouthTouch learning activities integrate with the existing curriculum.
  • YouthTouch challenges students emotionally and physically, as well as intellectually.
  • YouthTouch appeals to multiple intelligences and stimulates active learning.

Boys with joystick controlled RoboAC
High and low performing students alike take command of difficult STEM prerequisites such as ratios and negative integers. Goldenrod brings life to the most abstract concepts taught in today’s classrooms.

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