YouthTouch Enrichment Program

Implementing a new technology program successfully requires more than exciting new equipment.   It requires planning, training, motivation, monitoring, accountability, communication, and time—lots of time.   In response, we developed the YouthTouch Enrichment Program.

The YouthTouch Enrichment Program Offers:

The Original YouthTouch Technology Integration System

High-tech Robotics and Fluid Power Trainers
Instructional Materials



Pre-Implementation Planning
Ongoing Management
Growth and Continuity for the Future

Program Support

Scheduled Monitoring
Built-in Accountability
Unlimited Access to Assigned Consultant

Staff Development

Coherent 3-year Plan
Pre-Funded Incentives and Rewards
Develops In-house Expertise
Trains Technology Integration Mentor

Complete Package

Classroom Learning Aids
Accessories for Experiments
Student Consumables
Storage Cabinet

Motivation and Recognition

Compensation Opportunities for Teachers
Competition and Prizes for Students

and more!

The cost of the YouthTouch Enrichment Program is $ 32,000.

Please ask us to quote to your needs for multiple packages for the same school and multiple packages for different schools within the same district.

To Order Call 1-888-827-2260 or email