YouthTouch Educator Testimonials

Learning math using robots
Students at Kugaaruk School are getting help from an unusual source to make tough math problems easier to understand: robots.

Jeanne Gagnon
Northern News Services

RoboArm teaches at Andrews Osborne
Jack Byron, a fifth-grader at Andrews Osborne Academy in Willoughby, enjoys working an arm that's not his own.
Jack is learning robotics by operating a RoboArm in his science class.   The arm was purchased using a grant that was awarded to the academy.
Goldenrod Research Corp.'s YouthTouch Technology grant program provides learning tools like the RoboArm to enhance comprehension in math and science.

Angela Gartner
The News-Herald
Serving Northern Ohio

Students at Pleasantview Elementary School are discovering robots
and learning math, science and computer programming in the process
thanks to a successful grant application written by school principal Jim Hirman.

Mike Jordan
Lakefield Standard
Lakefield, MN

"Math: Everyone’s favorite class, thanks to RoboArm"
It’s unanimous.  Everyone in Julie Benson’s fifth-grade class now agrees that math is their favorite subject.

Luther Elementary School
Via Cadillac Area News
Cadillac, MI

Krause students get hands on with new technology
"Anything that brings students into the hands-on realm has a significant impact on their learning," said teacher Kathy Pace.   "They are learning by doing and in return, teaching it to others who come after them."

Kathy Pace
Krause Elementary
Armada, MI

"These (YouthTouch) creative teaching tools have gotten rave reviews from Shamona Creek students.   The motivation for the students is amazing.   It’s so much fun!  The girls and boys love it.   I’ve actually seen them jumping up and down.   It’s the greatest compliment to a teacher because they want to be here."

Community Center
Downington, PA

"Lincoln Elementary School students have the privilege of having new hydraulic and robotic-type equipment...   A large number of math and science related concepts can be brought to life using the hands-on equipment"

Pana News - Palladium
Pana, IL

"(YouthTouch) is intriguing because it will allow the students to incorporate problem-solving skills that they may use out in the real world.   The hands-on learning is critical.   That’s how we all learn really, but particularly for students in this age group it is a meaningful experience."

Buck Jones
Director of District Technology

"This makes computers come alive and makes them real for the children.   We keep telling them computers are the tools they will need for the future.   This makes that lesson practical."

Lee Abbot, Principal of Shamona Creek
Daily Local News
West Chester, PA

"Teachers in the third through fifth grades... got a crash course in several stations of robotic and hydraulic equipment."   "Once the kids see this, they won’t want to do anything else", said fifth-grader teacher Chris Rogers.   The school district (is) a participant in a pilot program to help teach math and science to elementary school students with the help of technology.

The Post-Star
Glen Falls, NY

"No matter what job you choose, you will need to know how to use the computer.   Learning keyboarding now is the first step toward using computers"

Linda Thompson, Hickory Creek Middle School
The New Lenox Community Partner
New Lenox, Il

"It’s intriguing because it will allow the students to incorporate problem-solving skills that they may use out in the real world"

Buck Jones
Daily Local News
West Chester, PA

"I see a lot of connections that can be made into many aspects of learning.   It gives a great appreciation to handicapped people who rely on robotics to live their everyday lives.   It opens the door to the possibilities of technology"

Barbara Norris, Uwchlan Hills Elementary School
Daily Local News
West Chester, PA

"We are trying to use all aspects of technology in the classroom, not just computers, ... We’re not teaching technology as a separate course, we’re using technology as a learning tool.   It’s a real motivator for the kids, and a great opportunity as we make our way into the 21st century"

Larry Bowersox, Wilcox Elementary School
The Chronicle - Telegram
Elyria, OH

"It is very impressive to me.  The children will learn a lot of things about robotics movement and what robotic arms can do ... The products involve having a knowledge of mathematics, mechanics and automation principals."

Jimmy Low, Educational Robotics of Singapore
Norfolk Daily News
Norfolk, NE

"The kids really enjoy working with RoboArm.   It is easy to make the robot be an educational tool rather than a toy."

Douglas Ramsey
Humphrey Public Schools