Middle School - Out of Sight with RoboVue


  • Teacher-friendly daily lesson plans
  • Challenging, fun, hands-on labs
  • Instructional “real life” situations for exploring remote robotics
  • Complete answer keys

With Lessons Focused On:

  • Photography Principals
  • Electromagnetic Spectrum & Infrared Radiation
  • Broadcast & Closed Circuit Television
  • Remote Robotics

The Hands-On Labs

  1. Visualize and draw a photographic or transposed image.
  2. Sequentially identify the components of a television system.
  3. Create a model of the electromagnetic spectrum using a math formula.

RoboVue Robotic Labs:

  • 101.  Familiarizes a student with RoboVue.   Student places props into a can by interpreting visual image on screen.
  • 102.  Added difficulty tests capabilities of student.   With robot surrounded by a box, student must rely solely on the CCTV system.   Nuclear power plant scenario adds excitement.
  • 103.  RoboVue’s infrared capabilities are witnessed when student creates easy exothermic chemical reaction in darkened room.

Middle School - Out of Sight with RoboVue

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