High School - Programmer’s Guide to RoboArm

For advanced BASIC programming students

To allow students to gain expertise programming in BASIC by interacting with Dynamic Tool.


  • Serial Communication Instructions
  • Experiments with RoboArm
  • Programming Examples
  • Unit Tests & Answer Keys
  • Appendices


  • RoboArm Hardware
  • Serial Communication
  • RoboArm Initialization
  • Expansion Jack
  • RoboArm Modes of Operation
  • Subroutines


  • IBM Compatible Computer with Serial Port
  • RoboArm with Power Supply & IBM Cable
  • BASIC Languages: (GW BASIC, Q BASIC, QuickBASIC, BASIC A, etc.)
  • Working Knowledge of BASIC: (for/next Loops, Goto, Gosub, input, etc.)
  • Helpful to Know: Binary & Hexadecimal

High School - Programmer’s Guide to RoboArm

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