HydrauLift helps students understand the powerful capabilities of air and water, or hydraulics and pneumatics.   The unit uses water with food coloring to simulate hydraulic fluid.   Using a hand pump to create air pressure, the students follow the fluid flow through clear plastic tubing.   Easy-to-read pressure gauges permit students to employ their math skills to solve problems.

These visual demonstrations of power and speed equations are comprehended by students and supported by an exceptional curriculum.   Two lift sizes add challenge and visually demonstrate power formulas.   Easy to use, sturdy and compact, safe and inexpensive, HydrauLift is a welcome addition to any classroom.


  • No Electricity Required
  • No Messy Oils
  • Compact & Light Weight
  • Toll-free Immediate Helpline
  • Complete Curriculum Guide
  • Fun & Challenging Hands-on Labs
  • One-year Warranty
  • Superior Performance, Price and Value

00301    #DD1 HydrauLift    $530.00

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YouthTouch Equipment

The YouthTouch package contains 2 HydrauLifts.

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