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RoboAC is a high-tech teaching tool that doesn’t require a computer and fits easily in your classroom.   The compact robot has five axes.   End-of-arm tools increase utility and include finger grippers, a shovel, and a magnetic pick-up tool.   RoboAC reinforces learning in a fun and challenging way.

Use RoboAC to help students master both simple and complex concepts.   It enriches a variety of classroom studies that range from math, problem solving, and critical thinking to reading, teamwork, and communication skills.

RoboAC is superior to other joystick-controlled robots.   Our proprietary electronics, auto shut-off, and thousand-hour CD motors with slip clutches ensure durability and make RoboAC an exceptional value.


  • Affordable, Dependable Robot
  • Enclosed Electronics and Gears
  • Auto Shut-off at Maximum Rotation
  • Five 1,000-hour Motors
  • Compact and Durable
  • Toll-free, Immediate Helpline
  • Plug-in Power - No Batteries Needed
  • One-year Warranty
  • Superior Performance, Price and Value

00201     #6899 RoboAC      $795.00
( Note: Notebooks shown in the picture above are NOT included. )

To Order Call 1-888-827-2260 or email

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