RoboArm on desk
RoboArm is a high-tech robotic arm that students program to enhance comprehension in math and science concepts.   RoboArm rotates on 5 axes and incorporates end-of-arm tools (finger grippers, shovel, and a magnetic pick-up tool) for flexibility in classroom activities.   Movement in degrees reinforces basic number sense.   Using curriculum integration materials, students can explore and discover concepts on their own.   They experiment, see spatial relationships, and create and solve equations.   As a result, scientific and mathematic concepts come alive as students "do" science and apply math.   In addition, hands-on activities provide a wealth of opportunity for students to improve problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

RoboArm can be programmed using the Teach Pendant or our easy-to-master, intuitive computer language.   RoboArm’s software is available in Windows or MAC format.   Low system requirements accommodate older computers, increasing the useful life of computer hardware.


  • Intelligent, Programmable Robot
  • Affordable, Yet Sophisticated
  • Three-year Warranty
  • Toll-free, Immediate Helpline
  • 1,000-Hour Motors
  • Auto Shut-off At Maximum Rotation
  • Enclosed Electronics and Gears
  • Excellent Curriculum Guides At All Levels
  • Accuracy, Repeatability, and Programmability For An Affordable Price

00101    #6812  RoboArm w/ Serial Cable, Feet and End of Arm Tool Set, Power Supply, USB Adapter, WIN/MAC Software, and Curriculum Guide*;   $2,180.00
( * Your choice of Curriculum Guide shown at the right. )
( Note: Monitor, and Keyboard shown in the picture above are NOT included. )

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