RoboArm on desk
Reach out and hold the interest of students as they participate in a variety of challenges that cross subject matter boundaries.   Capture students interest by incorporating robotics in a new and exciting way.  The Tempest console suspends balls on columns of air.   Students manipulate robots to move balls from their columns in sequential patterns that require a variety of communication and cognitive skills.   Tempest comes with three challenges suitable for middle and elementary classes.   The onboard CPU is fully programmable for upgrade capability with additional system cartridges.   Tempest includes manipulatives and a floor stand.

Tempest helps students gain practical, hands-on experience in problem solving, teamwork, coordination, and critical thinking skills.   It provides valuable knowledge about pattern recognition, automation, circles, arcs, measurement, timing, angles and planes.   Tempest is a concrete example of how air flow, pressurization, and Bernoulli’s Principle are applied - all within an exciting classroom activity.


  • Concealed Electronics Provide Safety
  • Rugged Product Construction
  • On-Board CPU
  • Quality LED Scoreboard With Sound Effects
  • Lock And Key Power Switch
  • Teacher Monitoring And Control
  • One-year Warranty
  • Superior Performance, Price, and Value

00501  #9949  Tempest (Requires two RoboACs - sold separately)    $3,020.00

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YouthTouch Equipment

The YouthTouch package contains 1 Tempest.