YouthTouch Technology Integration

"The kids really enjoy working with RoboArm. It is easy to make the robot be an educational tool rather than a toy."
          - Douglas Ramsey, Humphrey Public Schools

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YouthTouch utilizes an array of hands-on learning tools created for elementary students.   Special software provides a unique opportunity to program a real-world robotic arm, RoboArm.   Younger students use a joystick-controlled robotic arm, RoboAC.   RoboVue is a miniature closed-circuit television camera that easily attaches to RoboArm and RoboAC.

A tabletop fluid power training system, HydrauLift, uses common tap water for power.   HydrauLift2, a more advanced system, is controlled by students from a personal computer.   YouthTouch stations allow students to produce immediate results that they can see and touch.

Tempest, an electronic console that suspends plastic balls on columns of air, incorporates RoboAC in student challenges that are designed to develop teamwork and analytical skills.   Automated timing and scoring create further incentives for students to participate.

Goldenrod’s YouthTouch provides hands-on technology tools that integrate with existing coursework to reinforce over 100 concepts in many subjects, including:

* Language arts * Library research
* Mathematics * Oral presentation
* Problem-solving * Quantification
* Reading Skills * Science
* Social skills * Technology

The equipment is easy to use, and directly interfaces to classroom computers.   YouthTouch equipment provides students with real-world experiences that are a giant step beyond typical educational software.   The YouthTouch system is rugged, portable, and designed to fit any classroom configuration.